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The Stone and the River - The true story of a contemporary Samurai between the West and the East.

The journey begins in year 2000 with a project that will cross continents and oceans to outline an horizontal path that unites Tokyo to Miami. This project borns in a small city of Italy precisely in Romagna: Ravenna. Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, it is a charming seaside resort and brings with it millennia of history and culture in which art has always excelled. Here there are the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture with the most evocative churches still today example for contemporary art. The precious pieces of those extraordinary mosaics corresponded to the modern digital pixels that we see every day on computer-screens and smartphones, as well as the two-dimensional Japanese prints are the constant inspiration for science fiction movies. Ishikawa was born from an intuition of Angelo Lupis influenced by his interest in the East, specially from Japan and the obsession with traveling. He has been able to combine atmospheres and experiences so different from each other but so "globally" close.

After a successful collaboration with Diadora, Lupis understands that future of sneakers is contained in two words: fashion and #madeinItaly. Taking advantage of the knowledge of the production chain and his great volition, he gives life to his dream: he brings to the market a product that revolutionizes the sportswear industry by combining the highest Italian quality with a multicultural, sophisticated and urban style.

The intuition of proposing a sport and leisure product in luxury boutiques is really notable!

The stylized rising sun of Japan present on every creation is the “leitmotiv” of all collections and it perfectly represents the Ishikawa mood: essential lines and vibrant colors. The same meaning of the word ishikawa (Ishi = stone Kawa = river), drive us into the ancient world of samurai. The aesthetic and the deeply urban soul of the brand find their concrete dimension when Lupis arrives in Miami, his current first city. The social life, the parties and the sea give energy to the project, which is strengthened and becomes global and innovative. The sartorial workmanship and the vintage quotes, which wink at the world of sportswear, bring Ishikawa to be a unique product with creativity, irony but also of comfort and quality.

The company's philosophy is based on research of materials and manufacturing, strictly "Made in Italy". The ingredients of Ishikawa's success are selected raw materials and a direct relationship with producers and artisans in the area: the shoes must be attractive in design's style, but also of High Quality. Research and innovation find their expression in every garment, which is completely hand-made. The result is a unique and exclusive product in manufacturing, style and personalization.

The brand make attention to the entire production chain with the aim of always guaranteeing an eco-sustainable business model with full respect for the environment. Each material selected and used for its productions is rigorously certified and environmentally friendly.